Scott Rendall

Senior Web Application Developer
Reading, United Kingdom

Is currently using C#, MVC with HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap.

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  • Doctor Who's 50th anniversary 8 years ago A few of us boys go to watch Doctor Who in 3D at the cinema.
  • QI recording 9 years ago I join Hamish and family in the audience for an espisode of QI.
  • Skyfall 9 years ago Bobet and I go to watch our first IMAX movie at Waterloo.
  • Fireworks at Southwark Park 9 years ago Bobet and I go to watch a fireworks display on Guy Fawkes Night.
  • New jacket 9 years ago Bobet and I go to Colchester to buy a new jacket.
  • Day out in London 10 years ago Bobet and I walk around central London as the Olympics come to a close.
  • Jazz at the Traf 10 years ago Bobet and I go to a South Wimbledon pub to see a live jazz band.
  • Priscilla 11 years ago I join Bobet and her friends to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert - the musical.
  • Notting Hill Carnival 11 years ago Bobet and I join in at Europe's biggest carnival in London.
  • Europe trip 12 years ago · 2 comments I join Marlou, Bobet, sister Mitzi and her kids from Chicago on their European vacation.
  • Scotland trip 13 years ago I join Mark and his family from Chicago on the Scotland leg of their UK vacation.
  • Rich Hall live in Reading 13 years ago · 1 comment Frances and I go and see Rich Hall at the Concert Hall as part of Reading Comedy Festival.
  • Company conference 14 years ago Head office and field force employees attend a company conference in Brighton.
  • Company Christmas dinner 14 years ago Our department go to a Chinese restaurant for our Christmas dinner.
  • Anything Goes 14 years ago · 1 comment I take in a local show in which Eve takes a leading role.
  • Company product launch 15 years ago The company heads to London to celebrate the launch of a new vacinne.
  • Choir at Imperial College 21 years ago We go to see family members perform a recital in London.