Scott Rendall

Senior Web Application Developer
Reading, United Kingdom

Is currently using C#, MVC with HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap.

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  • Flooding 8 years ago The swollen river Thames keeps rising as severe flood warnings are issued.
  • Trip to Marrakesh 9 years ago Bobet and I fly to Marrakesh in North Africa for her birthday.
  • Snow fall 11 years ago The country comes to a stand still again after a snow fall.
  • Snowed in 12 years ago I stay indoors as the UK face the worse snow fall for 29 years.
  • Holiday in the Philippines 13 years ago ยท 2 comments I miss the worst blizzard for 18 years and head for the sun for two weeks in the Philippines.
  • Holiday in Tenerife 14 years ago My brother and I take a late summer holiday in the Canary Islands.
  • Ski holiday in Austria 19 years ago Another holiday in the snow, this time a week in Kaprun, Austria skiing with friends.
  • Weekend in Madrid 20 years ago Holiday in the sun, a weekend in Madrid to see the sights and sit by the pool.
  • Weekend in Lapland 23 years ago Our company takes us for a long weekend to the arctic circle.